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What is BPH Counter?

In the beat duration, BPH is Beat per Hour. We have seen BPM that is Beat per minute, and BPS that is Beat per second. Basically, with all, we calculate the tempo.

BPH also calculates beats, or we can say tempo, but the time interval is Hour.

So why is it important to calculate BPH, and Where does it use?

Well, a typical song has a specific time interval. Just say up to 7min. But have you thought of workout music?

Suppose someone says that he does workout for 1 hour, and he told you to create the workout music for him. Then how will you calculate BPH?

And for that instance, you need to keep an eye on his workout movement to calculate BPM, and then you will calculate the BPH of the song.

Well, it has the same dashboard and features as BPM and BPS. Again we have given a Green tap button to tap along with your song beat. Either you can see that tap button, or you can use any button on your keyboard.

Also, it has an auto-reset option to restart the counter, and also there is a reset button to reset the counter, and you can choose the decimals for the value.

So this is very easy and efficient to use our tool, and also if you have any suggestion on it, please contact us and consider it.

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